Welcome, and Let us Now Prologue . . .

This is a story of the might of the Cynosure, an Empire whose millions of grubbing fingers grip the surfaces of hundreds of worlds. It is the penultimate Corporate Entity at its height of power and arrogance, devouring itself from within and without.

If you’re expecting maybe to follow one person in this story on their heroic battle to make the world a better place, one sword thrust, gun shot, or bomb blast at a time, then I must warn you that it is not that kind of story. That would be too limiting, and would not reflect the nature of war as it will be (or more hopefully will not be) fought in the future.

This is a story woven from strands of information spanning thousands of light years, pulled from dozens of worlds, and shaped across bends in space and time. This story enters and leaves the lives of many characters, some of them human, some of them alien.

If this is your first time here, then please PROCEED.

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